Jingles wants Bogues: Would Andrew Bogut fit with the Utah Jazz?

The summer of Andrew Bogut continues, with no end in sight.

Fellow Boomer Joe Ingles commented recently, that he would love for the big man to suit up in a Jazz uniform.

"I would love for him to come over to Utah," Ingles told AAP (link).

"He's got a connection there already, and if they want to take him I'll happily have him."

Could Andrew Bogut be a good fit on the Utah Jazz?

Team competitiveness

The Jazz have taken a step back, after losing Gordon Hayward in free agency. It's likely Ingles will get extra exposure as a result, but it remains to be seen if Utah will be able to make another competitive run in the playoffs, after what seems like a west-bound consolidation of talent during free agency, with names like Paul George and Jimmy Butler being shuffled to Western conference teams.

Bogut spoke about his preference for a winning, competitive team. The Jazz might still be competitive, but it's uncertain how they rank in the Western Conference's pecking order this coming season.

Roster need

The Utah Jazz, having waived Boris Diaw during free agency, could use additional depth on their front court, especially when it comes to size and experience. After Rudy Gobert and Derrick Favors, it's hard to see how good the Jazz could be counted on when injuries or foul trouble strike.

Jonas Jerebko, whom they picked up in free agency, remains a solid small ball power forward who rebounds well, but does not obviously provide sufficient size or interior defence against traditional lineups.

Having Bogut on the team would help provide additional rim protection behind Gobert, and help the Utah bench's playmaking as well.


Bogut's spent enough time in Utah to be familiar with it. Prior to the NBA, he grew up and polished his game with the University of Utah Utes, from 2003 to 2005 alongside coach Ray Giacoletti.

“Once Andrew trusted you, or a situation, you were going to get his absolute best,” Giacoletti had said, in an earlier interview with The Pick and Roll.

There's no question that Bogut, once committed, would be a valuable asset to Utah.

There's also familiar faces on the team to help Utah's cause: two of them at least, both Australian.

Ingles, who played alongside Bogut during the recent Rio Olympics, would definitely help Bogut get settled into the team quickly, and find a comfortable pace of play.

We could be looking at little plays like these:



That's not forgetting the handy offensive rebounds Bogut could help with.


On the other hand, Dante Exum might stand to benefit from Bogut being part of the bench unit. Playing with an experienced, talented centre like Bogut, might even help Exum's growth as a playmaker this season, and defend more aggressively at the perimeter, knowing the interior defence is solidly anchored.

The Jazz certainly don't have much in the way of salary to offer, but money isn't a high priority for Bogut, and he's said as much. He's focused on coming into a team and making an impact on winning, more than anything else.

Could the Utah Jazz be that team?