Who are the AFL equivalents of our Aussies in NBA?

NBA season 2016-17 is fast approaching, while the AFL is entering the business end of their year. We here at The Pick and Roll decided to search and find the AFL versions of our Australians in the NBA. Have a read and see if we got them right.


Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows)

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First of all, the San Antonio Spur is a huge Crows fan, but the similarities go a lot further than that. Both started at different clubs to where they are now. Mills was at Portland, while Betts was at Carlton. They then moved to their current clubs, where they have found greater success (San Antonio & Adelaide).

Mills and Betts are both small in stature yet make up for it in speed and skill. Creativity when scoring is also something that they share. Betts is a perennial AFL Goal of the Year nominee, while Mills manages to finish around the rim against the likes of DeAndre Jordan and Rudy Gobert.


Brent Harvey (North Melbourne)

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Hard and in your face, these two guys are similar in numerous ways. Neither is that well liked by opposition supporters, whereas they are both adored by their home fans.

Dellavedova and Harvey can not only score themselves, but also have a great ability to set up others. We only have to look at the brilliant play from the Boomer's point guard at the Olympics, while 'Boomer' is well known for his ability of finding his teammates inside 50.


Jimmy Bartel (Geelong Cats)

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Despite Jingles missing the 'Ned Kelly' style beard, he and Bartel do share some traits and qualities. Both are 'glue guys' for their respective sides, they can play a variety of positions and provide whatever their respective coaches are looking for.

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Across both of their leagues and communities, Ingles and Bartel are well liked and respected. They also bring a winning culture to their teams; the Aussie forward is an NBL and Euroleague Champion, while the Geelong Cat is a 3-time premiership player.


Marcus Bontempelli (Western Bulldogs)

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Young guys whose skills are unexpected due to their physical build. Maker (19yrs old) was drafted 10th in this year's NBA draft, and is a raw prospect. Despite standing at 7"1 the Buck has a great handle, a soft shooting touch, and athleticism that defies his height.

Bontempelli (20yrs old) isn't quite the outlier that Maker is, however at 6"4 he is an unusually tall midfielder. The 2016 All-Australian is leading the charge in what is a revolution to the way the common midfielder is thought of.


Christian Petracca (Melbourne Demons)

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Both 20 years old and high draft picks, Simmons and Petracca are in fact good friends. They were both excellent at the other's preferred sport, the 76er winning Best and Fairest in football, while Petracca represented Victoria with Simmons at U16 Nationals in basketball.

Their similarities continue on to their styles of play as well. Both are able to play a mixture of positions, an attractive feature to scouts prior to being drafted. Petracca had a great rookie year this season, let's hope Simmons can follow suit.


Alex Rance (Richmond Tigers)

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Andrew Bogut and Alex Rance are two of the best defensive anchors in their respective leagues. The Tiger was named All-Australian again this year, while the new Maverick has a skill set that is highly sought after around the world.

Both are known for having an incredible sense of humour, while also being the ultimate professionals when it's time for business. As a devout Essendon supporter Andrew Bogut won't love being compared to a Tiger, but the similarities are there.


Patrick Cripps (Carlton Blues)

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Outstanding younger players who carry the hopes of sides who haven't seen much success in recent time. Cripps and Exum are 21 years old and are above average height for their preferred positions.

The Jazz point guard stands at 6"6, while the Carlton midfielder is at 6"3. Cripps has the edge in development at this point, but when Exum returns from his ACL injury it is only a matter of time before he catches up.


Shane Mumford (Greater Western Sydney Giants)

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Big, bad, and bruising. These two guys strike fear into opposition players with their tough physical style of play. Mumford has made it clear that he is more than happy to use his body in the contest, his big hit on Geelong's Mitch Duncan earlier this year is one of many.

Baynes is no stranger to tough play either, you only have to look to his nickname 'The Big Banger' for evidence of that. Another similarity is that both players have left previously experienced squads (Geelong, Sydney, and San Antonio) to join younger teams (GWS and Detroit).

Did we get it right? Is there somebody else you had in mind that is similar to one of our stars in the NBA? Let us know what you think!