2016 U20 Australian Junior Championships: Semi finals recap

We have reached the business end of the 2016 Australian Junior U20 and Ivor Burge Championships, as the semi final day provided teams with the opportunity to prepare themselves for the finals and it also gave the other squads the chance to end the week on a strong note.

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With the quality of basketball improving by the day in Ipswich, the semi-final day of the U20 and Ivor Burge Championships was used as a primer for what’s to come in the finals. Here is a recap from all the games on semi-final day.

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U20 Champ Men

Australian Capital Territory, 66 def. Western Australia, 58

A pair of sides near the bottom of the competition ladder the match-up between the ACT and WA didn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Despite that, it was a hard-fought, defensive battle all game long, with the Australian Capital Territory ultimately securing the win. For the victors, Jarrod Phillips tallied 16 points, while James Toohey had 15 points and six rebounds.

For Western Australia, Callum Kimberley produced 11 points and seven rebounds, with his teammate Andrew Ferguson doubling-up with 10 points and 10 rebounds.

Victoria Navy, 99 def. New South Wales, 81

Vic Navy was able to maintain their undefeated record at the championships with a blowout victory over New South Wales. Jack White led the Vics with 25 points and 15 rebounds, while Dejan Vasiljevic posted 20 points in the win.

Matthew Kenyon recorded 18 points and 10 rebounds in the loss, while Sean Cranney added 17 points.

Victoria White, 77 def. South Australia, 64

With a win, the Vic White team set up a blockbuster finals match-up with their Victorian counterparts, the Navy team. In the win, Tristan Lloyd amassed 16 points, six rebounds and four assists, while Ovie Magbegor pulled down 16 big rebounds to complement his nine points.

For South Australia, Lat Mayen recorded a double-double with 21 points and 15 rebounds, with Isaac White continuing his scoring spree at the championships, tallying 17 points in defeat.


U20 Champ Women

South Australia, 80 def. Victoria White, 72

South Australia are headed to the championship game, as their victory over Victoria White locked them into second place on the ladder. Bianca Thacker had 16 points and six rebounds in the win, while Anne Hatchard chipped in with a double-double of 10 points and 12 rebounds.

Olivia West was efficient for Vic White with 15 points and Taylah Simmons produced 13 points and seven rebounds.

Victoria Navy, 98 def. Queensland, 66

The mighty Vic Navy team had an easy win in the lead-up to the championship game, led by Alexandra Sharp who tailed 17 points and 13 rebounds. Chloe Bibby was the leading scorer with 18 points to go along with five rebounds.

Zitina Aokuso, who has been one of the week’s top performers, put up 22 points and 16 rebounds, while Kelsey McDermott had 12 points and eight rebounds.


Ivor Burge Men

South Australia, 79 def. New South Wales, 75

The South Australians were able to punch their ticket to the championship game with a thrilling win over New South Wales. The Kinross brothers were able to maintain their high level of play, with Bradley stuffing the stat sheet with 31 points, nine rebounds and four assists, while Wayne posted 20 points and seven assists.

For a New South Wales side who were valiant in defeat, Thomas Preston produced 21 points, 18 rebounds and seven assists and Timothy Devine contributed 17 points and 10 rebounds.

Victoria Metro, 93 def. Victoria Country, 40

Victoria Metro will be the team meeting South Australia in the final, after their decisive victory over Vic Country. Jake De La Motte had another big game with 29 points and Cameron Slacik doubled-up with 16 points and 16 rebounds.

Matthew Tuddenham tallied 11 points in the loss for Country.

Western Australia, 62 def. Australian Capital Territory, 46

Kenneth Opoku was unstoppable, pulling down a sensational 31 rebounds to go with his 16 points, leading the way for the Western Australians. Aiden Kaschull chipped in with 12 points and 10 rebounds.

For the ACT, Jack Littleton and David Greig were the noteworthy performers in defeat. Littleton contributed 18 points and 15 rebounds, while Greig produced 14 points and nine rebounds.


Ivor Burge Women

New South Wales, 107 def. Victoria Country, 22

The New South Wales team easily took care of Vic Country to secure their spot in the finals. Brittany Anderson was terrific in the victory with 20 points, 16 assists and 10 rebounds, with her teammates Nicole Harris finishing with 26 points and 21 rebounds.

Samantha Williver had nine points and 11 rebounds in a losing effort.

Victoria Metro, 91 def. South Australia, 25

Vic Metro had a nice tune-up for the finals match-up with New South Wales, as a trio of their players recorded double-doubles in the win- Samantha Hough (22 points, 11 rebounds), Danielle Phillips (18 points, 15 rebounds) and Jasmine Dellas (11 points, 11 rebounds).

Mia Wood contributed eight points in the loss.

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