2016 U20 Australian Junior Championships and Ivor Burge preview

Australia’s best under-20 basketballers meet this week in Ipswich for the 42nd Australian U20 Championships and the Ivor Burge Championships.

Thanks and credit to Basketball Australia and Kangaroo Photos for all images used in this article.

Tipping off on Sunday the 14th and wrapping up on Saturday the 20th, the championships will provide a showcase of the nations most talented up and coming basketballers, along with the immensely impressive Ivor Burge Championship competitors. The Ivor Burge competition is ran for athletes with an intellectual disability.

Headlining the weeks play is a handful of Centre of Excellence attendants, including Dejan Vasiljevic, Jack White, Jock Perry and Tom Wilson, all of which will be suiting up for an extremely talented Victorian Navy squad.

Vasiljevic has committed to the University of Miami and will look to add to his already impressive resume at the tournament. He will also be playing for Diamond Valley in the Big V competition this season.

White is visiting Duke Univerisy this month and has narrowed his college selection to the Blue Devils and Boise State, where he could join Aussies Nick Duncan and Anthony Drmic.

Already committed to SMU, Wilson will be joining Australian teammates and close friend Harry Froling at the Mustangs next season.

Finally, 7-footer Perry will be representing the Melbourne Tigers in the SEABL this season and will be joining the Saint Mary’s Gaels next season.

Before the foursome look ahead to their respective teams in the future though, they will want to take care of business for the Vic Navy team this week at the championships but it won’t be easy.

Notable names such as Bul Kuol will be representing the Australian Capital Territory, Ipswich’s own Kane Bishop will be playing for Queensland and 6’11 giant Andrew Ferguson from Western Australian will all be in action across the week.

For the women, the headliners are Zitina Aokusa (Queensland), Taylor Ortlepp (South Australia) and Alexandra Sharp (Vic Navy).

Harrison Mallard (South Australia) and Danni Burden (Vic Metro) will be the showcase of the Ivor Burge portion of the championship.

“The Under-20 Championship is exciting as it is the last chance for these athletes to represent their state in an Australian Championship,” said Basketball Australia General Manager of High Performance, Jan Stirling, per Basketball Australia.

“It is a significant part of the basketball pathway and can often be a stepping stone for athletes to move into the WNBL, NBL or college programs.” Stirling continued. “Many of Australia’s greatest players have taken part in this tournament before going on to represent Australia at the highest level.”

“Aligning the Under-20’s with the Ivor Burge Championships is a unique week of basketball that highlights the importance of the role that sport plays in the lives of young, developing athletes from all abilities.”

All of the action in all formats of the championships will begin on Sunday the 14th.

Queensland and the Vic White team will kick off the men’s competition, while in the women’s league, it will be Queensland and New South Wales getting us underway.

For the Ivor Burge champs, Western Australia and Vic Country will be the first game for the men and a battle between Vic Metro and Vic Country will see the beginning of the women’s tourney.

Here at ZOOM and The Pick And Roll, we will be keeping you updated on the championships with daily recaps of all games in the U20’s champs and the Ivor Burge tournament.



U20 Men

Australian Capital Territory

  1. Nathan Brown

  2. Jarrod Hampton

  3. Jarrod Phillips

  4. Max Wallner

  5. Thomas Parker

  6. Jack Bartholomeusz

  7. James Toohey

  8. Bul Kuol

  9. Patrick Cross

  10. Jack Braddock

COACH: Jerry Lee

New South Wales

  1. Clayton Carfino

  2. Kenyon Matthew

  3. Kieran Hayward

  4. Mitchell Evans

  5. Thomas Akamarmoi

  6. Jonathon Marsh

  7. Lachlan Anderson

  8. Sean Cranney

  9. Oliver Robilliard

  10. Patrick Lancaster

COACH: Timofey Hudson


  1. Verle Williams Jn.

  2. Tendekai Machando

  3. Ethan Betts

  4. Jarad Blanchard

  5. Denzel Kennedy

  6. Kane Bishop

  7. Charlton Offermans

  8. Deng Mayot

  9. Will Magnay

  10. Trevor Corrigan

COACH: Greg Vanderjagt

South Australia

  1. Isaac White

  2. William Gleeson-Pongrac

  3. Brennan Cox

  4. Nicholas Wurm

  5. Brent Hank

  6. Jacob Rigoni

  7. Brad Rathjen

  8. Lat Mayen

  9. Thomas Goodall

  10. Cale Matthews

COACH: Scott Whitmore

Victoria Navy

  1. Dejan Vasiljevic

  2. Jack White

  3. Jack Bines

  4. Samuel Short

  5. Jock Perry

  6. Andreas Panayiotou

  7. Matthew Owies

  8. Tom Wilson

  9. Sebastiano Lamonato

  10. Mason Peatling

COACH: Trevor Lee

Victoria White

  1. Tom O’Connor

  2. Gabe Hadley

  3. Jack Macdonald

  4. Ovie Magbegor

  5. Tristan Lloyd

  6. Harry Cheverley

  7. Samuel Whelan

  8. Blake Allison

  9. Hugh Baxter

  10. Daniel Roberston

COACH: Justin Schueller

Western Australia

  1. Callum Kimberley

  2. Sam Julitz

  3. Matt Vinci

  4. Jayden Coburn

  5. Corey Shervill

  6. Daniel Grida

  7. Logan Thwaites

  8. Lachlan Evans

  9. Andrew Ferguson

  10. Frank Johnson

COACH: Bradley Samuelson

U20 Women


New South Wales

  1. Elizajane Loader

  2. Bree Delaney

  3. Kristen Vrcelj

  4. Bailey Toleafoa

  5. Madeleine O’Hehir

  6. Abigail Curtin

  7. Abbey George

  8. Taylor Skelton

  9. Madeleine Norris

  10. Ella-Rosary Tofaeono

COACH: Lonergan Peter


  1. Sara Storeshaw

  2. Alisha Foord

  3. Jameson McMullen

  4. Chole Tugliach

  5. Kesley McDermott

  6. Ashleigh Frampton

  7. Briana Bailey

  8. Zitina Aokuso

  9. Sarah Hesp

  10. Emma Cook

COACH: Jordan Mullan

South Australia

  1. Lauren Brennan

  2. Morgan Yaeger

  3. Taylor Ortlepp

  4. Jade Johnson

  5. Sarah Elsworthy

  6. Bianca Thacker

  7. Chelsea Brook

  8. Anne Hatchard

  9. Hannah Stewart

  10. Nicola Mathews

COACH: Kaye-Lee Stuart

Victoria Navy

  1. Monique Andriuolo

  2. Georgia Pineau

  3. Alexandra Sharp

  4. Shannon Dufficy

  5. Brittany Wunhym

  6. Chole Molloy

  7. Chole Bibby

  8. Courtney Wragg

  9. Chantel Horvat

  10. Courtney Middap

COACH: Deanne Butler

Victoria White

  1. Olivia West

  2. Alexandra Strawhorn

  3. Jacqueline Trotto

  4. Ally Bates

  5. Grace Collett

  6. Emma Pearce

  7. Georgia Dale

  8. Genna Ogier

  9. Taylah Simmons

  10. Maddison Rocci

COACH: Kristen Veal

Western Australia

  1. Rachel Pettit

  2. Georgia Haines

  3. Morgan Ballantyne

  4. Kasey Miegel

  5. Raya Thompson

  6. Mackenzie Clinch Hoycard

  7. Samantha Groves

  8. Amy Atwell

  9. Isabelle Miotti

  10. Cameron Flynn

COACH: Craig Allen


Ivor Burge Championships: Men

Australian Capital Territory

  1. David Greig

  2. Jon Kindl

  3. Leigh Howard

  4. Matthew Blatchford

  5. Andrew Hoatson

  6. Chris Ilic

  7. Justin Koenig

  8. Jack Littleton

  9. Michael Tipler

  10. Anthony Costa

COACH: James McGill

New South Wales

  1. Dean Pallier

  2. Lee Towers

  3. Joseph Filikitonga

  4. Kyle McIntosh

  5. Alex Barnes

  6. Timofey Devine

  7. Koby Banks

  8. Thomas Preston

  9. Jayden Eyre

  10. Keelan Crawford

COACH: Jarrad Klose

South Australia

  1. Jim Taylor

  2. Daniel Johnston

  3. Shane Colmer

  4. Wayne Kinross

  5. Keenan Georg-Dent

  6. Harrison Mallard

  7. Franz Theodore

  8. Con Gouras

  9. Bradley Kinross

  10. Shaun Sellers

COACH: Andrew Richards


  1. Jeremiah Lowe

  2. Ethan Dunian

  3. Nick Heames

  4. Dennis O’Keffe

  5. Nathan West

  6. Declan Wells

  7. Dylan Pace

  8. Vincent Hall

  9. Jason Cooper

  10. Joshua Cleary

  11. Bruce Stanley

COACH: Odette Seabourne

Victoria Country

  1. Nathan Walsh

  2. Matthew Tuddenham

  3. Philip Mahoney

  4. Mark Hutton

  5. Gheorge Boere

  6. Jack Morrison

  7. Ben Holt

  8. Lachlan Brannelly

  9. James Myers

  10. Kyle Keane

COACH: Amy Moore

Victoria Metro:

  1. Jake De La Motte

  2. Jamie Phillips

  3. Emmanuel Bongomin

  4. Luke Eldridge

  5. Hayden Ferguson

  6. Cameron Slacik

  7. Fraser Trenfield

  8. Arthur Peters

  9. Luke Nicholls

  10. Frazer Dawber

COACH: Julia Walsh

Western Australia

  1. Joshua Kinghorn

  2. Geoffrey Stewart

  3. Aiden Kaschull

  4. David Rulyancich

  5. Mark Ivey

  6. Christopher Smith

  7. Ricky Chittleborough

  8. Trent Ramsey

  9. Brent Yarran

  10. Kenneth Opoku

COACH: Christine Saligari


Ivor Burge Championship: Women

New South Wales

  1. Lorraine Archer

  2. Melissa Gallagher

  3. Dianne Demello

  4. Nicole Harris

  5. Brittany Anderson

  6. Taylor Anderson

  7. Lisa Mackie

  8. Jessica Duncan

  9. Tahlia Henson

  10. Vanessa Ainger

COACH: Kim Murphy

South Australia

  1. Nadia Procter

  2. Catherine Beinke

  3. Kellie Martlew

  4. Kimberly Gardner

  5. Lauren Packham

  6. Mia Woods

  7. Katie Williams

  8. Amy Howard

  9. Roslyn Thomas

  10. Tahlia Batt

COACH: Robyn Wooden

Victoria Country

  1. Georgia Hoad

  2. Zoe Ford

  3. Samantha Williver

  4. Sophie Hughes

  5. Brooke Baker

  6. Laura Flynn

  7. Evangeline Patterson

  8. Monica Ward

  9. Chloe Turner

COACH: Sarah Huxtable

Victoria Metro

  1. Kate Leckenby

  2. Jasmine Dellas

  3. Sheree Marks

  4. Danielle Phillips

  5. Danni Burden

  6. Shannon Hamilton

  7. Sam Hough

  8. Jessica McCulloch

  9. Molly Urquhart-Moran

COACH: Sarah Parsons

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