2016 U20 Australian Junior Championships: Day three recap

The first Australian Junior Championships of 2016 is rolling along, with three days already completed in the U20 and Ivor Burge competitions.

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With the tremendous display of basketball continuing, here is a recap of all the games played on the third day of the U20 and Ivor Burge Championships.

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U20 Champ Men

South Australia, 80 def. Western Australia, 75

The male portion of the schedule kicked off with Lat Mayen and Brent Hank leading the South Australians to victory. Mayen scored 19 points and grabbed eight rebounds, while Hank doubled-up with 15 points and 15 rebounds.

Andrew Ferguson continued his impressive tournament so far, scoring 17 points to go along with his eight rebounds in a losing effort. Jayden Coburn was efficient in all areas, scoring 16 points, grabbing four rebounds and dishing out four assists.

New South Wales, 84 def. Australian Capital Territory, 67

Matthew Kenyon was able to secure a double-double, which helped the NSW team defeat the ACT unit on day three. Kenyon had 16 points and 10 rebounds, while Oliver Robilliard and Kieran Hayward both contributed 12 points.

Bul Kuol, one of the championships best players so far, was terrific once again with 21 points and 15 rebounds in a losing effort. Jarrod Hampton was able to chip in with 15 points.

Victoria Navy, 105 def. Victoria White, 55

The battle between the two Victorian clubs wasn’t really a battle at all, with the Navy running all over the White squad. The deadly trio of Dejan Vasiljevic (23 points), Jack White (20 points) and Tom Wilson (17 points, nine rebounds) was too much for the White’s too handle.

Gabe Hadley was the only notable performer for the Vic White team, finishing with 16 points in an otherwise forgettable game.

South Australia, 90 def. Queensland, 72

South Australia was able to complete a perfect day thanks to the play of Isaac White and Jacob Rigoni, two players who were relatively quiet in their game earlier in the day. White led the scoring with 24 points to complement his six rebounds, while Rigoni added 16.

For Queensland, Verle Williams Jr. was able to build on his already eye-opening play at the championships, pouring in 23 points.

Australian Capital Territory, 70 def. Western Australia, 54

Avenging their loss earlier in the day, the ACT was able to ride the coattails of Kuol once again, as his 16 point, nine rebound effort was enough to send the WA to their second loss on day three.

Lachlan Evans and Corey Shervill were the only players to reach double-digits for Western Australia, with both contributing 10 points.


U20 Champ Women

South Australia, 85 def. Western Australia, 55

The South Australians had a big win to kick-off the women’s U20 action on day three, as Sarah Elsworthy doubled-up with 17 points and 12 rebounds to led SA to victory. Taylor Ortlepp contributed 16 points in the win.

For the WA squad, Mackenzie Clinch Hoycard was the leading scorer with 15, while Amy Atwell scored 14 points and grabbed eight rebounds in the loss.

Victoria White, 78 def. New South Wales, 75

Maddison Rocci was unstoppable for the Vic White team on day three, as she put up 31 points and five rebounds to lead her team to a slight victory over New South Wales. Genna Ogier added a double-double in the win- 11 points and 14 rebounds.

A pair of Madeline’s led the scoring for the NSW squad, with Norris putting up 20 and O’Hehir not far behind with 19.

Victoria Navy, 107 def. Queensland, 62

Vic Navy was dominant in their win over Queensland, as Alexandra Sharp (14 points, 10 rebounds) and Monique Andriuolo (17 points, 12 rebounds), helped the Vics improve to 3-0 in the tournament.

For a day that the Queenslanders would like to forget, Briana Bailey scored 15 points and Alisha Foord put up 11.


Ivor Burge Men

Australian Capital Territory, 96 def. Western Australia, 78

Justin Koenig was the hero for the ACT on day three, as he put up a sensational line of 39 points and 14 rebounds against a WA defence who simply had no answers. Jack Littleton (22 points, 15 rebounds) and Michael Tipler (18 points, 10 rebounds) also doubled-up for the Australian Capital Territory in the win.

A pair of Western Australians had 20-20 games, with Kenneth Opoku scoring 24 points and 20 rebounds, while David Rulyancich had 23 points and 23 rebounds.

South Australia, 112 def. Tasmania, 67

After their nail-biting victory on day two, no such dramatics were necessary for the South Australians on day three, as they took easy care of Tasmania. The Kinross brothers led SA to victory, with Wayne scoring a game-high 34 points and Bradley putting in 30 points and grabbing 10 rebounds.

Joshua Clearly impressed once again for Tasmania, scoring 25 points and pulling down 24 rebounds. Dylan Pace also had a nice game with 22 points and 12 rebounds.

Victoria Metro, 81 def. New South Wales, 49

Jake De La Motte put up 34 points, as he continues to solidify his case as the week’s best players, leading Vic Metro to the big win over New South Wales. Cameron Slacik also impressed with 16 points and 18 rebounds.

Timothy Devine was the only noteworthy contributor for the NSW team, doubling-up with 12 points and 10 rebounds.

Victoria Country, 79 def. Australian Capital Territory, 56

In what turned out to be a double-double party, Vic Country took out the ACT by 23 points. Philip Mahoney scored 22 points but James Myers had 15 points and 13 rebounds, while Lachlan Brannelly had 11 and 11.

A trio from the ACT joined in the double-double affair, in what was one of the more intriguing box scores throughout the entire tournament. Jack Littleton (15 points, 12 rebounds), Justin Koenig (14 points, 17 rebounds) and Michael Tiper (14 points, 11 rebounds) were all tremendous in defeat.

Tasmania, 74 def. Western Australia, 53

Tasmania were able to leave Western Australia winless on day three, thanks to the outstanding showings from Pace, Clearly and Bruce Stanley. Pace top scored with 21 points to go along with his 16 rebounds, Clearly had 18 and 18, while Stanley was just as good with 17 points and 21 rebounds.

David Rulyancich had 16 points and 21 rebounds in the losing effort.


Ivor Burge Women

Victoria Country, 78 def. South Australia, 43

Vic Country almost achieve an unprecedented feat in their win over South Australia, as Samantha Williver came one rebound short of a double-double, which would be Country’s fourth in the same game. Zoe Ford (17 points, 13 rebounds), Chole Turner (15 points, 15 rebounds) and Georgia Hoad (13 points, 19 rebounds) all attained double-doubles, in what was a truly remarkable performance.

For South Australia, Amy Howard topped the scoring with 13 and Roslyn Thomas was the leading rebounder with 23.

Victoria Metro, 56 def. New South Wales, 48

The Victorians were able to complete a winning day at day three of the women’s Ivor Burge championships, as Molly Urquhart-Moran (20 points, 13 rebounds) and Danielle Phillips (18 points, 10 rebounds) were the leading contributors in the win.

Lisa Mackie scored 21 points and nine rebounds for New South Wales in the loss.

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