NBA Tweets of the Week- Late Winter Olympics Edition

If you have been missing out on the quirky entertainment from the NBA Twitterverse,  Michael De Lacy is back and he’s brought in reinforcements. Terry Goldfain has joined him to pick out and (a lot less) wittily (than they think) comment on the Tweets of the Week. It’s a revamped format that includes NBA tweets from team owners, coaches, media and other Twitter-land smart arses.

1. “However, if there was a Space Jam 1, LeBron wasn’t in it probably because he was too busy finishing off college,” the same fans responded.

2. Just like how LeBron turns into the Hulk every time his headband comes off, Anthony Davis’ super-powers are directly related to his unibrow. He’s wasted in a supporting role. Save him for the lead in ‘Space Jam 3: Attack of the Unibrow’

3.  Another busy day for the staff at Air Congo                                                                    

4. A fitting image since the trade deadline resembles Russian roulette (and I guess a tank barrel wouldn’t fit in Stewey Griffin’s mouth)

5. He’s likely so ecstatic to be traded to a championship contender that he’ll let sleeping ‘bogs’ lie.            

6. I can imagine it now: Adam Silver presents ‘Casting Couch’. Finally something on NBA TV other than #TheStarters that I’d watch! #NBATVAfterDark

7. Adam Silver presents ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Casting Couch’. The TV show is getting better by the minute!

At the risk of being repetitive, we have the third and final ingredient for a killer show now!

8. Just like you’ve got Black, White, Red and Blake Mamba and Harrison Barnes has that nickname, how about Fat Falcon/Felton?

9. And for the Bogut one: Personally, I’m much more in favor of the ‘Food Scale Rating System’

10. #ShotsFired

Think there were better tweets out there this week? Comment below and share the most entertaining tweet you saw!

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Michael is a Basketball Fanatic, following the Houston Rockets.

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