NBA Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2014/2015: Top Fantasy Targets by Position

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For the last 10 years or so, I have scoured the internet or any other form of media I could find, to give me the best shot at nailing my draft and setting me up to defeat my opponents. Hours upon hours, I would plan my draft targets and, on the very few occasions the draft had gone exactly as I’d hoped, I would be thankful that I’d spent the time I had, making sure every player was listed in an order of preference and production.

In the spirit of good sportsmanship and keeping with tradition, I decided to share the fruit of extensive labour from last season with you all, just so you didn’t have to go through the painstaking effort of trying to find your men. So I deliver to you my Worldwide Fantasy Special, Draft Cheat Sheet for the NBA 2014/15 season.


1 Stephen Curry, GS, PG/SG
2 Chris Paul, LAC, PG
3 Russell Westbrook, OKC, PG
4 John Wall, WAS, PG
5 Kyle Lowry, Tor, PG
6 Damian Lillard, Por, PG
7 Kyrie Irving, Cle, PG
8 Goran Dragic, Pho, PG
9 Kemba Walker, Cha, PG
10 Jrue Holiday, Phi, PG
11 Mike Conley, Mem, PG
12 Ty Lawson, Den, PG
13 Derrick Rose, Chi, PG
14 Rajon Rondo, Bos, PG
15 Tony Parker, SA, PG
16 Jose Calderon, Tor, PG
17 Jeff Teague, Atl, PG
18 Ricky Rubio, Min, PG
19 Deron Williams, Bkn, PG
20 Brandon Jennings, Mil, PG
21 Elfrid Payton, Orl, PG
22 George Hill, Ind, PG
23 Isaiah Thomas, Sac, PG
24 Michael Carter-Williams, Phi,PG
25 Darren Collison, Sac, PG
26 Jeremy Lin, Hou, PG
27 Mario Chalmers, Mia, PG
28 Reggie Jackson, Okc, PG
29 Trey Burke, Uta, PG
30 Dante Exum, Uta, PG/SG
31 Patrick Beverley, Hou, PG
32 Jameer Nelson, Dal, PG
33 Luke Ridinour, Orl, PG
34 Ray McCallum, Sac, PG
35 CJ McCollum, Por, PG/SG
36 Raymond Felton, Dal, PG
37 Greivis Vasquez, Tor, PG
38 Jordan Farmer, Lac, PG
39 Shaun Livingston, GSW, PG
40 Randy Foye, Den, PG/SG


1 James Harden, Hou, SG
2 Eric Bledsoe, Phx, SG/PG
3 Kobe Bryant, LAL, SG
4 Monta Ellis, Mil, SG/PG
5 Dwyane Wade, Mia, SG
6 Gordon Hayward, Uta, SG/SF
7 Klay Thompson, GS, SG
8 Kyle Korver, Atl, SG/SF
9 Bradley Beal, Was, SG
10 DeMar Derozan, Tor, SG/SF
11 Wesley Matthews, Por, SG
12 Lance Stephenson, Cha, SG
13 Joe Johnson, Bkn, SG/SF
14 Arron Afflalo, Orl, SG/SF
15 Victor Oladipo, Orl, SG
16 Jamal Crawford, Lac, SG/PG
17 Tyreke Evans, Sac, SG/SF
18 Kevin Martin, OKC, SG
19 Danny Green, Sas, SG/SF
21 Eric Gordon, Nor, SG
21. Wilson Chandler, Den, SG/SF
22 Jimmy Butler, CHI, SG
23 JJ Reddick, Lac, SG
24 Rodney Stuckey, Det, SG/PG
25 J.R. Smith, NY, SG
26 Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mil, SG
27 Dion Waiters, Cle, SG
28 Jodie Meeks, Det, SG
29 Vince Carter, Mem, SG/SF
30 Manu Ginobili, Sas, SG
31 KJ McDaniels, Phi, SG
32 Tony Allen, Mem, SG
33 Alec Burks, Uta, SG
34 Gerald Henderson, Cha, SG
35 Marco Bellineli, Sas, SG
36 Ben Mclemore, Sac, SG
37 Avery Bradley, Bos, SG/PG
38 Nick Stauskas, Sac, SG
39 O.J. Mayo, Mil, SG


1 Kevin Durant, OKC, SF
2 LeBron James, Mia, SF/PF
3 Carmelo Anthony, NY, SF
4. Nicolas Batum, Por, SG/SF
5 Chandler Parsons, Hou, SF
6 Kawhi Leonard SF/SG
7 Rudy Gay, Mem, SF
8 Thaddeus Young, Phi, SF/PF
9 Andrew Wiggins, SF, Min
10 Jabari Parker, Mil, SF/PF
11 Loul Deng, Mia, SF
12 Josh Smith, Atl, SF/PF
13 Paul Pierce, Was, SF
14 Jeff Green, Bos, SF
15 Tobias Harris, Orl, SF/PF
16 Danillo Gallinari, Den, SF
17 DeMarre Carroll, Atl, SF
18 Nick Young, LAL, SF/SG
19 Andre Iguodala, Den, SG/SF
20 Doug McDermott, Chi, SF
21 Otto Porter, Was, SF
22 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Cha, SF
23 Shawn Marion, NIL, SF
24 Martell Webster, Was, SF
25 Corey Brewer, Min, SF
26 Harrison Barnes, GSW, SF
27 Evan Turner, Bos, SF
28 Jared Dudley, Lac, SF
29 Rodney Hood, Uta, SF
30 Solomon Hill, Ind, SF
31. TJ Warren, Phx, SF


1 Anthony Davis, Nor, PF/C
2 Kevin Love, Min, PF/C
3 Dirk Nowitzki, Dal, PF
4 Chris Bosh, Mia, PF/C
5 LaMarcus Aldridge, Por, PF/C
6 Blake Griffin, LAC, PF
7 Greg Monroe, Det, PF/C
8 Joakim Noah, Chi, PF/C
9 Paul Millsap, Uta, PF
10 Tim Duncan, SA, PF/C
11 David Lee, GS, PF/C
12 Pau Gasol, LAL, PF/C
13 Ryan Anderson, Nor, PF
14 David West, Ind, PF
15 Kenneth Faried, Den, PF
16 Zach Randolph, Mem, PF
17 Nene Hilario, Was, PF/C
18 Enes Kanter, UTA, PF/C
19 Carlos Boozer, LAL, PF
20 Amir Johnson, Tor, PF/C
21 Markieff Morris, Phx, PF
22 Channing Frye, Orl, PF
23 Julius Randle, LAL, PF
24 Ersan Ilyasova, Mil, PF
25 Louis Scola, Ind, PF
26 Brandon Bass, Bos, PF
27 Andrea Bargnani, NYK, PF
28 Tristan Thompson, Cle, PF/C
29 Jared Sullinger, Bos, PF
30 Amare Stoudamire, NY, PF/C
31 JJ Hickson, Den, PFC
32 John Henson, Mil, PF/C
33 Cody Zeller, Cha, PF
34 Carl Landry, Sac, PF
35 Aaron Gordon, Orl, PF
36 Noah Vonleh, Cha, PF


1 DeMarcus Cousins, Sac, C/PF
2 Serge Ibaka, OKC, C
3 Al Jefferson, Uta, C
4 Al Horford, Atl, CPF
5 Dwight Howard, LAL, C
6 Mark Gasol, Mem, C
7 Andre Drummond, Det, C
8 DeAndre Jordan, Lac, C
9 Brook Lopez, Bkn, C
10 Roy Hibbert, Ind, C
11 Nikola Pekovic, MIN C,
12 Tyson Chandler, NY, C
13 Marcin Gortat, Pho, C
14 Robin Lopez, Por, C
15 Jonas Valanciunas, Tor, C
16 Derrick Favors, Uta, C/PF
17 Anderson Varejao, Cle, C
18 Larry Sanders, Mil, C/PF
19 Samuel Dalembert, Nyk, C
20 Omer Asik, Nor, C
21 Nerlens Noel, Phi, C
22 Miles Plumlee, Phx, C
23 Andrew Bogut, GSW, C
24 Jordan Hill, Lal, C
25 Tiago Splitter, Sas, C
26 Spencer Hawes, Phi, C
27 Georgui Dieng, Min, C
28 Joel Embiid, Phi, C
29 Timofey Mozgov, Den, C
30 Kelly Olynyk, Bos, C
31 Mitch McGary, Okc, C
32 Kris Humpries, Was, C/PF
33 Chris Kaman, LAL, C
34 Kyle O’Quinn, Orl, C
35 Brandan Wright, Dal, C
36 Mason Plumlee, Bkn, C

Think I’ve missed anyone that you would target in your draft? Keep in mind I have left off a lot of players that will be available on your waiver wire. If you have any questions or are looking for a certain type of player for your team, leave a comment here, send me an email or find me on twitter @WWFantasyteam

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