Contribute to The Pick and Roll

Over here at The Pick and Roll, we believe in “evolving through involving” – we evolve and grow as a platform by involving you.

As a contributor to The Pick and Roll you’ll be able to:

  1. Showcase your unique basketball perspective and build towards a potential career
  2. Grow yourself by working with our dedicated editorial team. Build your writing portfolio
  3. Get opportunities to build connections with athletes, leading journalists and other industry connections
  4. Help make The Pick and Roll the best site for Australian basketball

Remember: this road only goes as far as you want it to. Success only comes through hard work and determination; you have to want to work and learn to make this a rewarding journey.

Note that all positions are voluntary, and non-paid.


  • Language: This applies to all contributors, even non-writers. You might not be perfect, but there shouldn’t be obvious and consistent spelling/grammatical errors. You should also know the difference on using words like “lose”/”loose”, “your”/”you’re”, “their”/”there”, “compliment”/”complement”, and why it’s handing the “reins” and not “reigns” over. A desire to improve is essential.
  • Passion: You want to make a real difference to the Aussie hoops scene, and make Australian basketball great once more.
  • WordPress: Experience with WordPress is optional, but highly regarded for writers.
  • Commitment: This is going to be a grind. We want people who are contactable on a daily basis. We want people can commit to regular coverage of their assigned areas. Only apply if you can contribute consistently.


Still with us? Awesome.

*Non-writer applicants should fill up fields where relevant, and indicate the position they are interested in. Proof of prior work, or sample work is still required.

What leagues do you watch, what is your writing experience, and why do you want to write for us?