Charlotte Bobcats to acquire Evan Turner?

Recently, the Philadelphia 76ers have let it be known 4th year forward Evan Turner is available to anyone interested.  Despite the career-best 17.9 points per game Turner is producing this season, the rebuilding franchise is seemingly against the idea of signing the scorer to an expensive extension this offseason.  As a result, the ball club is scrupulously searching for a deal, as they would rather receive assets in return than lose the Ohio State product without gain.

Considering the situation, it seems as though Philly will have a tough time achieving their goal:  since Turner hits restricted free agency in the summer, it is likely most interested organizations will exercise patience and wait.  Apparently, however, this statement does not apply to all, as the Charlotte Bobcats have emerged as potential partners in a deal.  Via the Charlotte Observer:

“The Philadelphia 76ers are open to trading forward Evan Turner and the Charlotte Bobcats have looked into acquiring him, an NBA source confirmed to the Observer Monday.”

The article goes on to state Charlotte believes Turner can provide the scoring punch they need to qualify for the postseason.

Obviously, the Bobcats are intrigued.  Question is, are the 76ers open to receiving what Charlotte has to offer?

While the official answer at this point is unknown, the assumption is their interest has been sparked.  Currently, the Bobcats boast three first-round picks in the upcoming draft, and while all of these picks are protected (two to the Pistons’ and Blazers’, and their own may go to the Bulls based on protection), these are assets a rebuilding organization cannot completely ignore.  Mix in the fact the 2014 draft is expected to be loaded with talent, and it is clear Philadelphia will be tempted to at least explore a trade with Charlotte.

In addition to their picks, the Bobcats also have Ben Gordon.  Now, you are probably scratching your head as to why Philly would even be remotely intrigued by the prospect of acquiring Ben Gordon.  If I were reading this, I too would do the exact same – I mean, it’s Evan Turner for Ben Gordon.  However, what if I told you Gordon is on an expiring contract worth $13.2 million?  Would this bit of information change your thoughts?

Hopefully, it would.  Unsurprisingly enough, this is indeed the case, and if the 76ers were to acquire Gordon via trade, they could shed a boatload of salary for 2014 free agency.  Contrary to popular belief, trading Evan Turner for Ben Gordon is actually an excellent option.

So, based on these facts, it is evident both ball clubs likely possess the curiosity necessary to engage in trade talks as well as the assets necessary to pull off a deal.  But is Evan Turner really the best option for Charlotte for the long-term?

That, my dear readers, is a question for another time.  If you have any thoughts, please leave them in the comment section below.

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