Can Jock Landale make it in the NBA?

After a great college career at Saint Mary’s College, Aussie big man Jock Landale has had to adapt to live in the NBA Summer League. And with the chance to get on an NBA roster sitting in front of him, it is worth asking if Landale has what it takes to be an NBA player as he embarks on his career.

Landale had an elite back to the basket game in college as one of the best big men in the recent history of the West Coast Conference. That is an impressive feat given that the conference has seen a number of professionals like Kelly Olynyk and Robert Sacre pass through its painted areas in recent years. But that isn’t to say that Landale’s game will automatically translate to the NBA.

He is an undersized big man in a game that doesn’t love interior offensive players as much as it used to. For a player like Landale, this generally means that he will have to figure out how to become an elite three-point shooter at some point. Otherwise, he will not be big enough to grab rebounds and block shots, but also won’t be skilled enough to shoot the ball and stretch the floor. As has been the case with Jahlil Okafor, for example, it is easy to see that teams don’t love that type of player.

Fortunately, Landale will have plenty of opportunities to learn these things on a team without much pressure surrounding it. The latest basketball odds to win the NBA Finals have his Atlanta Hawks at 200/1 odds to win the title, good for one of the worst numbers in the league. That means a low-pressure environment to get better, if Landale can stick with the team for a period of time.


Also, Landale has been making an impact during his stint with the Hawks’ Summer League team. While his offensive output hasn’t been spectacular, he has averaged about 10 rebounds per 36 minutes, which is certainly a solid number for a professional to put up. The offensive ability will take time to cultivate, but the heart and hustle are both clearly already there for Landale.

The biggest challenge going forward for Jock Landale will be finding a way to impact the game on the offensive end. He has acknowledged that post touches are few and far between at this level, the result of the game’s evolution to include more three-point shots. He will have to work hard to perfect that element of his game, or he can go overseas where more teams would be receptive to a big man with his current skill set.

No matter what happens with Landale’s pro career, though, it is clear that he has the potential to be one of the best players in recent Australian basketball history. Although his college career was full of highlights, there is certainly the potential there for Landale to exceed what he did in college no matter where he takes his professional talents.

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  1. Robert Smith says:

    It seems unlikely he will be signed out of Summer League so the next step would be to get a training camp spot from someone and work from there.

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