Box Score Podcast Ep1: NBL Fantasy is BACK!

The NBL Fantasy season is BACK! It’s time to get your NBL fantasy brain back into gear and there are a host of changes you need to be aware of entering season 2017/18.

Here at The Pick and Roll, hosts Steve Chalmers and Dean Zardo dive in to give you the best advice each week to make your team the best it can possibly be!

It’s a MASSIVE opening episode for season 17/18 as the boys explain what’s going on this year and what to look out for. There’s STACKS more information where this came from in Episode 2 next week and beyond.

For more information, or if you have any questions you’d like answered on the pod in future weeks, hit us up on Twitter @cp_chalmers & @dean_zardo (or @pickandrollau)

Steve Chalmers

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One of #TeamPnR's Social Media Managers, with a typically Melbournian love of sports. NBL yapper, Orlando Magic die-hard, make sure you're always supporting our favourite game!

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