Box Score – #NBLDT Podcast Season Awards

Credit: NBL Media

The boys are back in the studio one final time for season 2015/16 with NBL Dream Team rounding out the regular season.

With Top and Bottom still featuring in the season review pod, it’s the seasonal awards many will take most interest in, with a vast array of awards ranging from the usual to the unique. Cameron Gliddon gets another 200 mentions in this episode and he must surely be the poster boy of Box Score by now.

While awards are one thing, many expert players will want to know final results and rankings, as well as the best and worst moves of the season by the lads. Another entertaining episode and both boys took time out towards the end of the episode to thank a couple of people that make NBL DT happen!

Steve Chalmers

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One of the OG #TeamPnR members with a typically Melbournian love of sports. Love a yarn on Australian Basketball and Australian Horse Racing.

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  1. squash


    cheers guys, really enjoyed these all season!

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