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With the Melbourne Cup being one of the focal points in the metropolitan Melbourne sporting landscape and the Box Score boys sporting junkies, the timing surrounding the recording of this week’s podcast went amiss and therefore the following is the replacement article for this week’s pod. We’ll be back to normal as of next week and we hope the below can subsidise some of our chatter that you hear each and every week.

It is at this time I have an opportunity to thank you all for tuning in to Box Score throughout the season thus far, and we hope you can continue to join us each week as well as share with your friends who play NBL Fantasy. Now, on to the best and worst of Round Five!

Best of Round Five

Casper Ware 109
Casey Prather 106
Nick Kay 94
AJ Ogilvy 91
Perry Ellis 88
Rotnei Clarke 88
Thomas Abercrombie 83
Demetrius Conger 82
Brad Newley 78
Edgar Sosa 77
Chris Goulding 77

It’s interesting to see some familiar faces in the top echelon of players once again this week, such as Casey Prather, Perry Ellis and Demetrius Conger. The big names here that hit their strides were Brad Newley and Chris Goulding. Newley has been a second thought behind Perry Ellis so far this season for the Kings, while Bubbles (Goulding) may have just turned the corner since coming back from injury.

Worst of Round Five

Reuben Te Rangi -3
Matt Hodgson 11
Cameron Gliddon 16
Anthony Drmic 16

Hodgson has been a feature in this list so early on in the season, mostly because we expected so much of him before the year begun. Te Rangi was also one that was supposed to break out (although we had our doubts), however a score of -3 is always going to see you on this list. Gliddon copped a lot of criticism on the broadcast this week and he’s been prone to slow down throughout certain parts of the season (and he heats up too, so we’ll await those better days).

The Money Maker

Let’s take a look at the schedule in the short term (fortnight):

Round Six: Cairns, Melbourne, New Zealand, Perth play twice
Round Seven: Brisbane, Illawarra, Perth, Sydney play twice

New Zealand are in the midst of four doubles in five weeks, Sydney play just the once this week before following up with 3 straight doubles. Melbourne have two doubles in next three weeks, while Perth have three in the next four. Brisbane are the team to keep an eye on however, as they have six doubles in the next seven after this week.


Josh Boone managed to tweak his knee during Melbourne’s home game against Adelaide, sitting out for the majority of the second quarter. Despite returning for the second half, and managing a score of 50+ in just 30 minutes across the two games, does this impact Boone going forward?


The Small Forward position has been a major talking point throughout the short season that has been played out so far. In NBL Fantasy, the Small Forward position is stacked and therefore many fantasy managers have opted to start with two Small Forwards; the other in the Sixth Man position. JP Tokoto hasn’t been spoken enough on Box Score so far this season, mostly due to Perth’s schedule to begin the season. However, now is the time! Wildcat Tokoto and ex-Perth star Casey Prather look to be the best of options at this position moving forward. Similarly, if you haven’t secured a New Zealand point guard, Casper Ware and Bryce Cotton are great options at this point in time.


So who to get rid of? Well, we don’t know who’s in your team but Adelaide players should be well and truly gone now as they have two weeks of doubles in the next two months!

Who to bring in? Well, Edgar Sosa has balled out for the past fortnight and it’s time to take notice of the Breakers. We’ve already mentioned Ware, Prather, Cotton and Tokoto, while it’ll also be valuable to hold onto Sydney guys like Ellis for a week. Travis Leslie on the other hand, well, we’ll leave that up to you. Sydney import situation you ask? Your guess is as good as ours!

Game Day

Just like every other week, we’ll provide a point-of-difference player and a captain option for each Game-Day.

Thursday: Damian Martin / JP Tokoto (C)

Saturday: Shannon Shorter / Josh Boone (C)

Sunday: Lucas Walker / Travis Trice (C)


Best of luck through Round 6, we’ll be back next week, thanks for joining us! #BoxScore

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