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Happy New Year #NBLFantasy players!

Unfortunately with the schedule of Christmas and New Year which just happen to be during our podcast recording window, the Box Score boys have been unable to find a suitable time to record this week’s pod and therefore we’re trying our absolute best to provide you with the normal insights via this article!

An important announcement to be made prior to kicking off our usual segments – and personally I wish I could have done this via a podcast, however while the lockout from Round 12 has not yet been lifted, my fingers are crossed that he pulled through but Dean Zardo (co-host/the actual expert of the Box Score podcast) is currently top of the monthly rankings for December and therefore we’re hoping he’s WON THE MONTH!! Huge if true! Big congrats to my pal either way!

Alright, enough of tooting our podcast’s horn! Let’s get into recapping Round 12 and providing some insight into Round 13.

Best of Round Twelve

Demitrius Conger 124
Cameron Gliddon 109
Tai Wesley 104
Josh Boone 90
Mitch McCarron 83
Nick Kay 82
Craig Moller 64
Shannon Shorter 59

A simple list this week with many having been up at the pointy end before. Cody Ellis was probably the stiff one having continued his stellar play for the Hawks. Shannon Shorter was unstoppable in the Sixers only game of the weekend, and found a fan girl in Corey Williams in the meantime.

Tai Wesley has really put together a solid season for Melbourne United and needs to be considered more often when talking about the best players this season. Craig Moller was exceptional against the Bullets and will obviously find his spot back on the bench with Carrick Felix having recently arrived.

Worst of Round Twelve

Angus Brandt 1
Perrin Buford 36
Finn Delany 8
Isaac Humphries 12
Stephen Holt 20

Angus Brandt’s blow up was a sight to see as he struggled up in North Queensland. Finn Delany has always been a nice cheap selection of points throughout the season so while the 8 he scored this week may have been disappointing, it certainly wasn’t life threatening. What was threatening to NBL Fantasy sides was Perrin Buford being mauled by Craig Moller (who made the best’s) when he shot 2-12FG against United. While 36 was a get out of jail score for a shocking performance, it was what came next which hurt owners even more. OUT! He was named out for the Bullets’ second game of the round with a foot injury. Buford (C) owners were bleeding.

The Money Maker

Round 13 Schedule: Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns & Perth play twice
Round 14 Schedule: Adelaide & Perth play twice (with the re-scheduled Melb vs. NZ game being removed)

We’ll keep this short because we’ve hit a quiet patch of the season which now puts some emphasis on Adelaide and Perth players.

There’s a ton of great players from both sides so it’s not awfully hard to put a team together all at different price points.

Adelaide play a really fantasy friendly style of ball game – a high octane offence that benefits guards and athletic small forwards. We’ve spoken about the Sixers players for the last couple of weeks so you should be well prepared with Adelaide players in your fantasy teams at present time, so it’s time to look at the Wildcats – a team who have been somewhat forgotten for a little while thanks to their shonky schedule.

Perth are a really nice squad. Top of the table, but they have contributors at nearly every level and price point.

We can find their super studs in JP Tokoto and Bryce Cotton and they’re well worth the price of inclusion. Lucas Walker has been well spoken about in his career revelation – however many may shy away from Waxy stating that he has ‘already made all his money’. He may well have made his $$$, however he’s still producing strong scores and that’s what you need at this point in time. Don’t dismiss!

Derek Cooke Jr and Angus Brandt are great big man options in different ways. Cooke doesn’t get the touches but he shows the hustle provided to score well in the new fantasy format. Brandt is averaging around 22ppg (fantasy) and is reasonably priced as well.

Now, I’ve saved the best until last and I talked him up throughout the entire pre-season! Damian Martin is the perfect guy to have in your fantasy team in this format. Priced at $1.24m, Martin is averaging 31.4 and it’s trending upwards. I’m extremely keen to see D.Martin in my side with Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane his next opponents.

To finish off and finally speak about someone other than Adelaide and Perth, keep your eyes peeled on the health of Perrin Buford because you’d love to have him for another week if playing twice. This week is the final week of Cairns guys so if you’ve stashed your Taipans (ie. more than two), might be time to trade one of these out during this trade period.

Game Day

Thursday (Adelaide vs. Perth): Damian Martin! | JP Tokoto (C)
Friday (Cairns vs. Brisbane): Travis Trice | Mitch McCarron (C)
Saturday (Sydney vs. Perth/Illawarra vs. Melbourne): Damian Martin! | Josh Boone (C)
Sunday (New Zealand vs. Cairns/Brisbane vs. Adelaide): DJ Newbill | Perrin Buford (C)

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