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Merry Christmas NBL Fantasy owners/Box Score listeners!

With Christmas time having arrived, and the NBL now making the smart business decisions to play right through the festive season (seriously, hats off to the league for that!) it once again puts the timing surrounding the recording of this week’s podcast as a near impossible act and therefore the following is the replacement article for this week’s pod! We’ll hope to be back to normal as of next week and we hope the below can subsidise some of our chatter that you hear each and every week.

Very much like I said at this point in time before Round Five (as it was the other time we missed a pod), it is at this time I have an opportunity to thank you all for tuning in to Box Score throughout the season thus far, and we hope you can continue to join us each week as well as share with your friends who play NBL Fantasy. Now, on to the best and worst of Round Eleven!

Best of Round Eleven

Mitch McCarron – 84 (off one game – ONE GAME!)
Josh Childress – 110 (the only player to hit the century)
Brad Newley – 96
Daniel Johnson – 90
Shannon Shorter – 87
Jeremy Tyler – 70 (missed the second game of his double header too)
Todd Blanchfield – 65
Perrin Buford – 64
JP Tokoto – 62
Demitrius Conger – 54
Alex Loughton – 52

There was plenty of players who could have been included in the bests this week! The fact that Mitch McCarron went for 84 in a single game just goes to show how important of a player he is in this fantasy game – he’s been spoken about league wide about a multi-dimensional player and the fact that Jawai and Carrera have gone down means that he’s quickly moved up the ‘pecking order’, which was what Taipans head coach Aaron Fearne spoke about after their victory over the Sixers.

Josh Childress may have sent a message to fantasy owners over the past fortnight that he’s well and truly returned to better form and wants to once again be the most owned player in the game. Be careful though, with Mitch Creek returning it could have a significant impact.

Worst of Round Eleven

Clint Steindl – -3
Jesse Wagstaff – 2
Angus Brandt – 11
Alex Pledger – 12
Daniel Kickert – 19

Not a whole lot of bad scores this past weekend, hence why Kickert’s score of 19 just slides in. Steindl hasn’t found a way to fit into the Perth system despite having had previous time there (before being officially signed). Brandt struggled despite AJ Ogilvy missing the contest against the Hawks, while fellow big man Pledger faced similar struggles after a solid weekend just the week earlier.

The Money Maker

Let’s take a look at the schedule in the short term (fortnight):

Round 12: Brisbane, Cairns, Illawarra, Melbourne all play twice
Round 13: Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth all play twice

The Taipans run of three straight doubles (their final doubles for the year) begin this coming week, while Brisbane play the first of two straight doubles. Those with Adelaide players will have to sit this week out as it’s their only single week in a five week space (starting from last round).

The Sixers situation is an interesting one, being that many will have multiple Adelaide players and will have to make the decision on whether to hold all or trade some. What makes it more intriguing is the return of club star Mitch Creek, who is set to suit up in Adelaide’s next match-up.

This means drops in production for Nathan Sobey, Josh Childress and (the currently injured) Ramone Moore. Moore missed Sunday’s game against the Taipans due to an ankle complaint and was one of the favourite inclusions over Round Eleven which burnt some owners.

Fantasy favourite Perrin Buford will be in most sides and he will have a running mate moving forward over the next fortnight in Mitch McCarron. Expect these two players to be in a LOT of fantasy teams!

Melbourne have five doubles in the eight rounds to finish the season and could play as a viable fantasy options. Josh Boone has been the staple from United in the fantasy world throughout, however he now has a couple of other interesting options to play around him.

Tai Wesley has built a reputation over the past month and become quite a reliable fantasy scorer. Chris Goulding has also found some form and you’ll be paying a price for him now after he bottomed out three-to-four weeks ago. New import Carrick Felix replaces Casey Prather right before 2018 kicks off and will need a week or two to settle before fantasy owners can see what value he brings. Felix is set to debut on the 30th of December (game two of Melbourne’s double) and could be the preview fantasy owners need.

Looking back on Round Eleven and the big movers, the most traded IN from last round was Jerome Randle, Ramone Moore and Nathan Sobey. Randle owners paid a premium and were pleased when he took over the fourth against the Bullets; Moore owners couldn’t have asked for a worser weekend, while Sobey made light work of United before he couldn’t find his shot back at home. In a weekend of big individual scorers, it was a rough round for popular trades!

The most traded OUT from last round was Travis Trice, Lucas Walker and Casey Prather. Trice is an interesting removal seeing the Bullets still have two more doubles and scored an average amount this week. Lucas Walker continued his ridiculous season and we know the injury report with Prather.

Game Day

Tuesday (Melbourne vs. Brisbane): Daniel Kickert | Perrin Buford (C)
Thursday (Illawarra vs. Cairns): Rhys Martin | Mitch McCarron (C)
Friday (Adelaide vs. New Zealand): Daniel Johnson | DJ Newbill (C)
Saturday (Sydney vs. Melbourne): Jason Cadee | Josh Boone (C)
Monday (Illawarra vs. Brisbane; Cairns vs. Perth): Pick from the ILL/BRIS game | Perrin Buford (C)

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