Box Score NBL Fantasy Podcast – Episode 5

We have our first time champion of Game Day on Box Score, with one of the pair scoring a daily fantasy win in Round 3! The Money Maker puts the spotlight on the Sydney Kings while they’re busy working out their woes, there’s heaps of positives from an #NBLFantasy owners perspective.

We chime in on the Travis Trice vs. Stephen Holt debate and provide you with the best in’s for Round 4!

Box Score is a podcast all about NBL Fantasy, which is a fantasy sports competition based on Australia’s National Basketball League.

Here at The Pick and Roll, hosts Steve Chalmers and Dean Zardo dive in to give you the best advice each week to make your team the best it can possibly be!

For more information, hit us up on Twitter @cp_chalmers & @dean_zardo (or @pickandrollau)

Steve Chalmers

Written by

One of the OG #TeamPnR members with a typically Melbournian love of sports. Love a yarn on Australian Basketball and Australian Horse Racing.

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