Aussies in the NBA: Bogut invites Pelicans to legendary block party, havoc ensures

It’s not December ’63, but oh what a night!

We all know how dominant Bogut can be as a rim protector, and he’s had some excellent nights this season. Bogut has delivered three performances with five blocks, and had four games with four. Against the Pelicans today, he nearly doubled his season high with a career high of nine blocks.


Brutal, just brutal. Bogey erased those layups effortlessly, and reminded the league once again, that weak layups don’t matter in the face of a legitimate rim protector. While Bogut’s merciless evisceration of the Pelicans was slightly overshadowed by the Warriors’ 100-103 loss in New Orleans, it does provide us with some interesting numbers.

For example: the Pelicans only made two of their ten shots when Bogut was the rim defender. I don’t know about you, but 20% is pretty awful shooting by my books. I like to think that the fearsome presence of Bogut’s beard contributed somewhat. (And those blocks of course.)


The triple double that nearly was

Let’s not forget the fact that Bogey nearly clinched a triple-double while embarking on a block party of epic proportions. He had eight points, eight rebounds, nine blocks, three assists and a steal – all in less than thirty minutes.



With this game, Bogut moves into 17th among shot blockers in the league, with an average of 1.6 blocks a game. The Brow continues his reign in the kingdom of Get-That-S***-Out-Of-My-House. Incidentally, he had three blocks this game, the same amount of blocks Bogut notched in the first quarter – just sayin’.

Bogut’s defensive impact continues to remain among the very best the league has to offer. He’s second in Defensive Rating among centers; technically the true champion since Memphis big man Jarnell Stokes only played in 17 games this season.

The loss is largely inconsequential, seeing as the Warriors have already secured their playoff spot. It most certainly does not change the fact that Golden State remains an elite force on both ends of the court. Among the players who have been in at least 50 games this season, the top 5 players in Net Rating are on the same team, and likely their best five: Curry, Green, Bogut, Thompson and Iguodala.

Bogut likely isn’t too concerned by this career milestone, seeing as his post-game tweet was about the loss.

Looking forward to more great defensive moments from Bogey, as the regular season comes to a close. More rest, stay healthy, and let’s have a good run.


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It's all about Banner 18. And our Aussies in the NBA. And selfless passes. And hard cuts. And defense. Andddd this is where I stop before I get too carried away. Really, it's all about this beautiful sport we know and love as basketball.

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  1. Aussies in the NBA: Bogut invites Pelicans to legendary block party, havoc ensures
    by @kein

  2. ICYMI: Bogut set a career high in blocks, and the #tripledoublewatch that didn’t pan out: #NBAinAus

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