Tragedy in the making: How Josh Smith signing might lead to Greg Monroe’s departure

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  1. Garth says:

    I think if managed correctly it could be great , im a huge fan of Drummond and Monroe and would hate to see a bad jump shot happy J Smoove to come between them. At 6’11 Monroe can play the 5 with Smith the 4 leaving Drummond a 25 mpg backup?? Keeping a truly dynamic frontcourt for 48 minutes

    • Josh Haar Josh Haar says:

      This front-court rotation has the potential to be great, but the reality is Drummond will form into an all-star level center. When his contract expires, he will likely receive a big payday, and with Greg Monroe set to earn $12+ million in his next contract as well, Detroit will unfortunately have to split these bigs apart due to financial restrictions.

      Sadly, the likely candidate for a trade will be Monroe.

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